CONNECT: A Couples’ Study

In this study, we recruited couples to participate in an online research study on relationships and sexual wellbeing, which involved one longer survey, followed by a period of daily diaries, and a follow-up survey 6-months later. Please check back for results as they are published!

Hey Baby! Couples’ Wellbeing Study

In this study, couples helped us understand how couples manage changes to their sexual well-being during the transition to parenthood but completing surveys from mid-pregnancy until 15-months postpartum, with a period of daily diaries at 3-months postpartum. Check back for the results of this research as they are published!

Bump 2 Baby! Couples’ Wellbeing Study

We recruited couples who were expecting their first child, or whose first child was under a year old, to participate in an online survey to explore the changes in sexual and relationship well-being in the transition to parenthood. Check back soon for findings from this research!

Emily Cote, BSc, poses with her University Medal in Psychology

Emily displays the University Medal in Psychology, which awards students’ exceptional performance throughout their Psychology degree. We are so proud to have Emily as a part of the lab, and wish her all the best as she embarks on her next adventure – the School Psychology program at Mount St. Vincent University!