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Returning to Sex: Women’s Experiences with Their Postpartum Sexuality

by Heather Oliveira Have you or your partner recently had a baby? Are you or your partner pregnant? Are you curious about how becoming a parent will change your sex life? Postpartum sex is something that many women have difficulty with; studies show that self-esteem,...

Single, but not down to mingle: The psychology behind long-term singlehood

by Meghan RossiFor many, being in a romantic relationship cultivates meaning, happiness, and a sense of belonging (Fletcher et al., 2015; Sedikides et al., 1994). For people without social connections, which would include a romantic partner, we see increased negative...

Am I digisexual?

by Sam Dawson At the most recent meeting of the Society for Sex Therapy and Research (see https://sstarnet.org) Dr. Markie Twist gave a fascinating plenary on digisexuality, based on a recent article entitled: The rise of digisexuality: Therapeutic challenges and...

To post-doc or not to post-doc? A blog post about deciding to post-doc following a Clinical Psychology PhD

by Serena Corsini-Munt A quick Google search will bring up several (even dozens) of articles and blog posts tackling the decision of whether or not to embark on a post-doctoral fellowship – see the links below. But what makes this post different is my unique...

What is dyadic research, and why is it so important?

By Megan Muise As the name of our lab suggests, the majority of our research focuses on couples. We collect and analyze data from both members of the couple, which is often referred to as dyadic research. Dyadic research is important because it allows us to examine...

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Dr. Rosen is currently offering a limited number of appointments on Thursday mornings for sex and couples therapy.

We are currently recruiting #men coping with low sexual desire in a romantic relationship for an academic research study. #lowdesire #lowlibido #HSDD #sexdrive #deadbedroom #lowsexdrive #sexresearch #libido #desire


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