Laundry Care

Use dermatologically-approved detergent (e.g., Purex®, Clear®) on underwear or any other type of clothing/material that comes into contact with the vulva (e.g., pajama bottoms, exercise clothing, towels); Use 1/3 to 1/2 the suggested amount per load. Other clothing may be washed with the laundry soap of your choice. Avoid using fabric softener and/or bleach on […]

Clothing Choices

Wear white, 100% cotton underwear to allow air in and moisture out. Go without underwear when possible (e.g., when sleeping). Avoid thong (g-string) underwear. Avoid wearing full-length pantyhose; try thigh-high or knee-high stockings 
instead. Avoid tight fitting pants or jeans that may put pressure on the vulva. Avoid spandex®, lycra® and other tight-fitting clothing during […]

Hygiene Hints

Use soft, white, non-recycled, unscented toilet paper and 100% cotton pads or tampons. Avoid using scented products such as bubble bath, feminine hygiene products (pads or tampons), creams, or soaps that come into contact with the vulvar region. Avoid using feminine deodorant sprays, Vaseline®, and colored soaps in the vulvar area, and avoid douching unless […]

Physical Activities

Avoid exercises that put direct pressure on the vulva such as bicycle riding and horseback riding. Use padded shorts/bicycle seats if you do engage in such activities. Limit intense exercises that create a lot of friction in the vulvar area. Use a frozen gel pack wrapped in a towel to relieve symptoms after exercise. Enroll […]

Pre- and Post-Sexual Intercourse Suggestions

Use a lubricant that is water-soluble before penetration (e.g., Liquid K-Y®, Astroglide®, Slippery Stuff®). If you find that these lubricants irritate you or dry out during intercourse, a pure vegetable oil (such as Crisco®, solid or oil) has no chemicals and is also water-soluble. Please note that Crisco® is not latex-friendly and therefore should not […]