Does sex lead to well-being?

By Heather Oliveria Couples skipping in the streets, whistling, and smelling the roses are a few of the ways that media portrays the after-effects of sex. Although exaggerated, those examples resonate with us. Despite our familiarity with images of happy people with lifted moods post-sex, there has been little research examining how sex contributes to […]

Single, but not down to mingle: The psychology behind long-term singlehood

by Meghan Rossi For many, being in a romantic relationship cultivates meaning, happiness, and a sense of belonging (Fletcher et al., 2015; Sedikides et al., 1994). For people without social connections, which would include a romantic partner, we see increased negative emotions, disease, and higher mortality (House et al., 1988; Cohen et al., 1997). However, […]

Let’s Talk About Sex

Dr Rosen is interviewed by CTV news for comment on the Waterloo Study that found frequency of sex is the most common concern reported by couples in long term relationships.

Polyamory gaining acceptance as a co-parenting family.

According to Zosia Bielski in her Globe and Mail article ‘Boring and normal’: The new frontier of polyamorous parenting (December 2 2018), the parenting issues for polyamorous families is not dissimilar to making blended families work. There is evidence to suggest that this is a growing trend in Canadian relationships.

Long-Distance Relationships: Just as beneficial as Proximal Relationships?

By Cindy Mackie My mother always told me to never sacrifice my schooling, a career, or an important goal of mine for a guy. But what are you supposed to do if you are in a loving relationship and an opportunity arises in a location geographically far from your partner? While many people fear long-distance […]