Laura Lambe

Laura volunteered in our lab from 2011 until 2014.

Aliza Markert

Aliza was a member of our lab from 2011 until 2013 and completed her honours thesis, which examined postpartum genital pain in women, with Dr. Rosen.

Hera Schlagintweit

I’m in my fourth year in the Clinical Psychology PhD program, and have been working on a comprehensive project in the Couples and Sexual Health Lab since summer 2013. The aim of my comprehensive project is to examine the frequency of postpartum sexual concerns in couples during the first year after childbirth, as well as the impact […]

Katelynn Boerner

I am a Clinical Psychology PhD student and have been involved in this lab since April of 2012. My comprehensive project is examining relationship and sexual functioning in couples where the woman has a sexual pain condition. Specifically, I am looking at how functioning is impacted by the couple’s level of pain acceptance (i.e., how […]

Kristen Bailey

I am a Clinical Psychology PhD student and have been involved in the lab on a comprehensive project since the summer of 2013. My project examines sexual desire discrepancy, maternal postpartum depression and sexual and relationship satisfaction in couples who are new parents. It is hoped that the results of this research may help to […]

Loriann Williams

I’m in the third year of the Clinical Psychology PhD program and have been involved in the lab since June 2015. My comprehensive project involves examining the role of couple’s intimacy, during pregnancy, in postpartum sexual and relationship satisfaction, as well as in sexual function, and sexual distress in women. This project has implications for […]