It isn’t all talk: Couple therapy results in more improvements for women who have pain during sex relative to a common medical treatment

By Katrina Bouchard;
This post is a summary of a recently published article from the Couples and Sexual Health Lab with our close collaborators at Université de Montréal:
Bergeron, S., Vaillancourt-Morel, M.-P., Corsini-Munt, S., Steben, M., Delisle, I., Mayrand, M.-H., & Rosen, N. O. (2021). Cognitive-behavioral couple therapy versus lidocaine for provoked vestibulodynia: A randomized clinical trial. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 89, 316-326.

Does sex lead to well-being?

By Heather Oliveria Couples skipping in the streets, whistling, and smelling the roses are a few of the ways that media portrays the after-effects of sex. Although exaggerated, those examples resonate with us. Despite our familiarity with images of happy people with lifted moods post-sex, there has been little research examining how sex contributes to […]

How is sexual health attained and maintained?

By Justin Dubé Though I’d like to think the studies I run facilitate sexual health, translating research into practice can take a loooong time (17 years!) [1]. Also, people generally want to manage their sexual health by speaking with a clinician [2, 3]. Clinicians, however, often feel ill-equipped to navigate these conversations due to gaps […]

Page Turner! Buzz: A Stimulating History of the Sex Toy by Hallie Lieberman

A brief book review by Kat Merwin The book: Buzz: A Stimulating History of the Sex Toy Author: Hallie Lieberman, Ph.D. I like to think of myself as relatively knowledgeable about sex researchers—especially those who also write books on the topic—yet I hadn’t heard of Hallie Lieberman prior to reading this book. After reading this […]

Pain during vaginal sex: A current issue among young women

By Reina Stewart For many people, sex is an important part of life. But what if sex hurts? What if it keeps hurting, but you continue to do it? Is this common for young women? These questions were explored in a recent study by Elmerstig, Wijma, and Swahnberg (2013). Their research on this topic works […]

Let’s talk about sex baby…

Image: Shutterstock/Alina Cardiae Photography By: Kat Merwin Do you ever communicate with your partner during sex? Do you let them know when you’re enjoying something? Or when you’re not? Then this article is for you! Do you shudder at the very idea of attempting “dirty talk” during sex? Then this article is still for you! […]

How does sexuality before pregnancy affect sexuality during and after pregnancy?

  By Jaimie Beveridge Perhaps unsurprisingly, research has found that many women experience changes to their sexuality and sexual relationship during pregnancy and the postpartum period [1]. These changes can include: decreases in how often women desire and engage in sex, decreases in their ability to get aroused and wet and orgasm during sex, decreases […]

Page Turner: Come as You Are by Emily Nagoski

A brief book review by Kate Rancourt The book: Come as You Are: The Surprising New Science That Will Transform Your Sex Life Author: Emily Nagoski, Ph.D. I’m surprised I didn’t know of Emily Nagoski prior to reading this book. My impression of her now can be summed up as such: an ah-may-zing (AMAZING) sex educator […]

Is More Sex Always Better?

By Amy Muise When it comes to sex, the more the better right? Popular perception would suggest that the answer to this question is yes. Media messages often tout the benefits of sex, going as far as to suggest that having sex every day in a relationship might be one route to greater happiness. In a recent […]