Does sex lead to well-being?

By Heather Oliveria Couples skipping in the streets, whistling, and smelling the roses are a few of the ways that media portrays the after-effects of sex. Although exaggerated, those examples resonate with us. Despite our familiarity with images of happy people with lifted moods post-sex, there has been little research examining how sex contributes to […]

My needs also matter! Why women with low sexual desire/arousal continue to have sex…

By Erin T. Fitzpatrick This blog is a summary of our published article: Hogue, J. V., Rosen, N. O., Bockaj, A., Impett, E. A., & Muise, A. (2019). Sexual communal motivation in couples coping with low sexual interest/arousal: Associations with sexual well-being and sexual goals. PLoS ONE, 14(7), e0219768. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0219768 Did you know that nearly 25% […]

Single, but not down to mingle: The psychology behind long-term singlehood

by Meghan Rossi For many, being in a romantic relationship cultivates meaning, happiness, and a sense of belonging (Fletcher et al., 2015; Sedikides et al., 1994). For people without social connections, which would include a romantic partner, we see increased negative emotions, disease, and higher mortality (House et al., 1988; Cohen et al., 1997). However, […]

Am I digisexual?

by Sam Dawson At the most recent meeting of the Society for Sex Therapy and Research (see Dr. Markie Twist gave a fascinating plenary on digisexuality, based on a recent article entitled: The rise of digisexuality: Therapeutic challenges and possibilities (McArthur & Twist, 2017). So, what is digisexuality and could this apply to you? […]