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Taking Care of Down There: Let’s Talk about Vulvar Health

A big thank you to all of the wonderful attendees and panelists who made ‘Taking Care of Down There’ such a success!

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Taking Care of Down There: Let’s Talk about Vulvar Health

Tuesday, February 9th from 7-8pm

Lindsay Children’s Room (2nd floor) – Halifax Central Library


We often hear about how to keep the many systems of our body healthy, but vulvar health is rarely discussed. Just like cardiovascular health or mental health, vulvar health matters. However, many people aren’t aware that taking care of your vulvar health not only includes your physical self, but also your attitudes and beliefs, and your sexual relationships.

This free event “Taking Care of Down There: Let’s Talk about Vulvar Health” is a community panel that will bring together speakers with different areas of expertise in vulvar health. These talks will cover physical, mental, sexual, and social aspects of vulvar health, and we will end the event with a Q & A period with the speakers. Come join in the conversation and learn more about vulvar health!

Panelists include –

Dr. Isabelle Delisle

Isabelle Cropped

Local Gynaecologist – IWK Health Centre

Dr. Delisle will discuss tips on how to keep your vulva physically healthy, as well as signs that you might want to visit a doctor.

Stella Roy

Stella Cropped

Physical Therapist – Bedford Health Centre

Stella Roy will review the functions of your pelvic floor muscles and give an introduction to physiotherapy techniques that can treat pelvic floor problems.

Shannon Pringle

Shannon Cropped

Sex Educator – Venus Envy

Shannon Pringle will discuss how you can have a healthy relationship with your sexual self, as well as some suggestions for how to keep your vulva happy during sex.

Kate Rancourt

Kate Cropped

PhD Student in Clinical Psychology – Dalhousie University

Kate Rancourt will discuss the impact that vulvar pain during sexual intercourse can have on not only the individual experiencing the pain, but also their relationships.

Moderated by –

Dr. Natalie Rosen

Natalie Cropped

Clinical Psychologist and Director of the Couples and Sexual Health Laboratory – Dalhousie University

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