Couples Intimacy Observational Study

Participants are helping us to better understand how intimacy and emotions contribute to the sexual well-being of couples!


We sought couples for a new research study on couples’ sexuality. The purpose of this study is to better understand how factors such as emotions and intimacy are linked to relational and sexual well-being of couples in long-term relationships. The data we collect may enhance treatments for couples looking to improve their relationships.


Participation involves both members of the couple completing 3 online questionnaires (over a 1-year period) and coming to our lab at Dalhousie University to engage in a series of brief video-taped discussion tasks. Couples can receive up to $160 in Amazon gift cards for their participation, plus a chance to win $100 more.

You and your partner may be eligible if you are:

Both at least 18 years of age

Living together for at least one year

– Able to attend one in-person session at Dalhousie University

– Able to read and understand English or French

Other eligibility requirements may apply.


We are no longer recruiting for this study, but if you participated and would you like to reach us, you can do so via email at, by phone (902) 494-4223.