Considerations for Arriving and Attending the In-Person Observation Session

Thank you for your continued participation in the ROSE couple’s study.

Your participation and contribution to our research is greatly appreciated!


Arriving at the lab for your session

The next phase of the study, the in-person observation session, occurs in our in the Psychology and Neuroscience department at Dalhousie University. The Psychology department located in the Life Sciences Centre at Dalhousie University has several entrances. The entrance closest to the reserved parking spaces requires the use of stairs to reach the lab. Another entrance is located down a paved pathway from the reserved parking spaces with no stairs. If you would like to use the entrance with no stairs, please let us know via email so that we can arrange to meet you there.

See the video on the left for a point-of-view for traveling to the accessible entrance. 

During the session

Additionally, we would like you to be aware that during your session you will be asked to move from one room to another (an approximate 15-foot distance). During the procedure you will be seated first in armchairs and then on wheeled office chairs at a computer desk. Both seating areas can be adjusted to accommodate mobility devices including removing chairs to accommodate wheelchairs or powerchairs.

If you have any questions about the above information, or would like to clarify the accessibility of the observation session please reach us by email at