Sexual Talk in Long-Term Relationships: What’s Being Left Under the Covers?

Believe it or not, the key to keeping sex exciting and satisfying in long term relationships may be communication! We know that sexual communication (e.g., couples having a conversation about their sexual preferences at a time when they are not engaging in sexual activity) is beneficial for the relationship and sexual well-being of couples [1]. But what about the potential benefits of communication during sex? Sexual talk refers to the communication that occurs between partners exclusively during sexual activity and that is about the sexual interaction itself (i.e., expressing to one’s partner the pleasure they feel while engaging in a sexual act) [2]. Yet, sexual talk has largely been kept under the covers一until now!

I hear you – but do you hear me? The Role of Depressive Symptoms and Attachment Styles in Partner Responsiveness

By Stephanie Grantham This blog is a summary of our published article: Bosisio, M., Pâquet, M., Bois, K., Rosen, N. O., & Bergeron, S. (2019). Are depressive symptoms and attachment styles associated with observed and perceived partner responsiveness in couples coping with genito-pelvic pain? The Journal of Sex Research. doi:10.1080/00224499.2019.1610691 Perceived partner responsiveness describes feeling validated, […]

Living with a Partner in Pain

Co-authored by Indre Baltrušaityte and Kat Merwin This post is a summary of a recently published article from the CaSH Lab: Mohammadi, S., Chambers, C. T., & Rosen, N. O. (2018). Expression of pain behaviors and perceived partner responses in individuals with chronic pain: The mediating role of partner burden and relationship quality. The Clinical Journal of Pain, […]