Dr. Isabelle Delisle

Obstetrics & Gynaecology Associates

182 Victoria Rd,

Dartmouth, NS, B3A 1W2

Telephone: (902) 461-2246


Dr. Melissa Brooks

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

IWK Health Centre

5850/5980 University Avenue

Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 6R8

(902) 470-7432

Physical Therapists

Stella Roy

Bedford Health Centre

Suite 140, 200 Waterfront Drive,

Bedford, Nova Scotia, B4A 4J4

Telephone: (902) 835-1932


Erika Burger Physiotherapy

(902) 229-8979


Synergy PhysioPliates

2742 Robie St., Suite 100

(902) 407-1417

Sex and Couples Therapy Services in Halifax

These psychologists in private practice have expertise in working with women (and couples) dealing with vulvo-vaginal pain. You will have to pay for these services. Check with your insurance plans.


Sex therapy and couples counselling

Natalie O. Rosen, PhD, R. Psych.

Dr. Rosen offers a limited number of appointments on Thursday mornings for sex and couples therapy. Due to COVID-19, she is currently seeing clients for virtual (i.e., online by video) appointments only. Her office is located at Coastal Psychology, 5991 Spring Garden Road – Suite 900. 
You can inquire about an appointment by emailing Dr. Rosen at The current wait-time is at least six months. Physicians can also send referrals to this same email address, or by fax to (902) 417-1555.

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Lesley Hartman & Associates

Several psychologists with expertise in couples and sexuality therapy are currently at this practice. 

These include:

Kate Rancourt, PhD, Candidate Register (as of August 2020 on parental leave)


Miranda Fudge, PhD, R.Psych

209-3845 Joseph Howe Drive
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3L 4H9

Telephone: (902) 431-1721



Dalhousie Counseling and Psychological Services, Lemarchant Building

1246 Lemarchant St,, Dalhousie University,
Halifax, NS, B3H 4J2

Telephone:  (902) 494-2081



Halifax Sexual Health Centre

Dr. Elisabeth Gold

6009 Quinpool Road, Suite 201
Halifax, NS B3K 5J7

Telephone: (902) 455-9656

You may be eligible to receive a limited number of sessions for sexual conseling, free of charge, at the Halifax Sexual Health Centre.


Community Mental Health

A psychologist or counselor from Community Mental Health may not have expertise in working with women (and couples) dealing with vulvo-vaginal pain. They will likely still be helpful in assisting you (and your partner) in improving your coping. You would not have to pay for these services. You will need a referral from your family doctor to obtain services at one of these clinics. For more information, or the clinic nearest you, visit this website.


“I felt so isolated and so alone, like it was like me against the world. I just hate to think of a woman in that situation, feeling alone like she can’t turn to anyone, when there are such simple steps to fix the problem.”

(Jessica, a past participant)

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