Dr. Rosen’s Private Practice – Sex and Couples Therapy

Dr. Natalie Rosen is a registered clinical psychologist who provides sex therapy to individuals and couples. Sex therapy can help you with problems you may experience during sex (like a lack of arousal, difficulties with orgasm, erection, or pain during intercourse), a lack of interest in sexual activity or a difference between partners in their desire for sexual activity, or bothersome thoughts and feelings about your sexuality or sexual problems.


In sex therapy, you will discuss your sexual concerns and expectations with the aim of addressing factors that interfere with your sexual life and factors that may enhance your sexual satisfaction. You may also be asked to complete homework exercises either alone or with your sexual partner(s) to help resolve the problem and/or enhance your sexual life.


Her therapeutic approach uses evidence-based treatment strategies and is primarily cognitive-behavioural, though she sometimes integrates other approaches such as acceptance and mindfulness.


In Dr. Rosen’s experience, it is helpful for both members of the couple to attend therapy together because both are typically affected by the sexual problem. However, individuals can also benefit even when their intimate partner is unable to attend.


Clients of all genders, sexual orientations are welcome.


Dr. Rosen offers a limited number of appointments on Thursday mornings for sex and couples therapy. Due to COVID-19, she is currently seeing clients for virtual (i.e., online by video) appointments only. Her office is located at Coastal Psychology, 5991 Spring Garden Road – Suite 900.


You can inquire about an appointment by emailing Coastal Psychology at info@coastalpsych.ca
Physicians can also send referrals to this same email address, by fax to (902) 417-1555 (those methods are preferred), or by mail at P.O. Box 15,000, LSC Psychology and Neuroscience, Halifax, NS, B3H 4R2.

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