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We are recruiting participants for the studies below.

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Hey Baby! Couples’ Wellbing Study

(Expectant Couples (12 to 20 weeks gestation with their first child), LGBTQTI* Inclusive)

Project Journey:

Couples’ Journey with Fertility Treatment or Medically Assisted Reproduction

(Couples, LGBTQTI* Inclusive)

couple in a hammock over a river flowing over rocks.

Couples Intimacy Observational Study

Help us to better understand how intimacy and emotions contribute to the sexual well-being of couples!

(Couples, LGBTQTI* Inclusive)


A Couples Study: Men Coping With Low Sexual Desire

(Couples, LGTBQ+ inclusive)

The following studies are now closed for recruitment, but are still active (i.e., we are still collecting data or analyzing the results).

We look forward to sharing our findings with you soon!

Couples where a woman suffers from pain during sexual intercours

Daily Goals in Couples with Vulvodynia

(Couples, woman experiences pain during intercourse, LGBTQ+ Inclusive)

Genito-pelvic Pain in Pregnancy and Postpartum 

(Pre-natal and postpartum, LGBTQ+ Inclusive)

A Comparison of Couple Therapy and Medical Treatment for Provoked Vestibulodynia (PVD

A Comparison of Couple Therapy and Medical Treatment for Provoked Vestibulodynia (PVD)

(Couples, woman experiences pain during intercourse, LGBTQ+ Inclusive)

Couples Sexuality and Relationship Study

CODEs: Couples Sexuality and Relationship Study

(Couples, Sexually Active, LGBTQ+ Inclusive)

Postpartum Couples Study

(Couples, less than 4-months postpartum, experiencing discomfort or pain during sex, LGBTQ+ inclusive)

Transition to Parenthood StudyLGTBQ+ couples pregnant with first child image

Transition to Parenthood Study

(Couples, 12-20 weeks pregnant, LGTBQ+ inclusive)

The Partner Addition to the Childbirth Study 

(Couples, postpartum, LGBTQ+ Inclusive)

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