ORCHID: A Study of
Sexual and Relational Well-being in Long-Term Couples


The purpose of this voluntary research study is to better understand how a variety of factors, including how couples respond to one another, communicate with one another regarding sexuality, relate to sexual and relational well-being in long-term relationships. Results of this study may identify new skills that couples could use to enhance or maintain sexual and relational well-being. 

Who can participate

We are looking for couples to participate in this study.

To be eligible to participate, both partners must agree and:

  • Both members of a couple are 18 years of age or older
  • Fluent in English
  • In a committed relationship for at least 6 months and have had face-to-face contact with your partner at least 4 times/week for the past month.   
  • Reside in Canada or the United States

*The ORCHID study is a couples’ study focused on women’s and/or female orgasm and associated sexual and relationship wellbeing. We know that women’s orgasm goes beyond female anatomy and is also a gendered experience. As a result, one member of the couple must be a woman or female. Transgender women and cisgender women are eligible because of their social experiences as women. Non-binary individuals who have vulva, a vagina, and/or a clitoris are also eligible to participate. The partners of these individuals can be of any gender/sex.*

*Additional eligibility criteria may apply.

What we will ask you to do

This is a two-part study and each part is completed entirely online.

  • Part 1: You and your partner will each be asked to independently fill out two online surveys over 4 months. The surveys will take 35-45 or 35-55 minutes for you to complete, respectively.
  • Part 2: You and your partner will be asked to complete brief online daily surveys for 28 days, beginning after you have both completed the first survey from Part 1. Each day, the survey will take about 5-15 minutes for you to complete. 

What are the benefits to participating in this study?

Participation involves no health risks and your confidentiality and anonymity are assured.

As a thank you for completing the survey, you and your partner can each receive up to a total of $64 CAD (or USD equivalent) in the form of either e-transfer (for those with Canadian bank accounts) or gift cards, whichever you prefer, for submitting all of the surveys in the study.  

Interested in participating or learning more?

Please click here or or the button to the right to fill out a contact form and we will contact you within 2 business days.

– OR –

Email us at directly at OrchidStudy@dal.ca  to learn more or to participate.

This study is affiliated with Dalhousie University (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada) and is approved by Dalhousie’s Research Ethics Board.