Katherine Eckert

            I am a Registered Dietitian, having graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from Acadia University in 2015, and completing a 47-week Graduate Dietetic Internship program with the Nova Scotia Health Authority in 2016.

            After discovering my passion for research, I completed my Masters of Community Health and Epidemiology in 2019 at Dalhousie University. During this time, I published my first paper entitled “Malnutrition in Canadian Hospitals” in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ).  My thesis explored the association between meal regularity and mental health in children. Specifically, this cross-sectional study examined whether meal skipping and eating environment were associated with self-esteem and mental health-related physician visits in grade five Nova Scotian children, controlling for socio-demographic and lifestyle variables.   

Currently, I am fortunate to be working as a Research Assistant in Dr. Rosen’s Couples and Sexual Health Laboratory. My research interests include sexual health, nutrition, and mental health. In the future, I hope to complete a PhD with a focus in one or more of these areas using mixed methods.