Sex Life off-sync post baby?

You are not alone. Our video series and research will help normalize postpartum sexual concerns and open the lines of communication both between partners.

Coping with genital pain.

Dr. Natalie Rosen, of the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience and the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, is developing new supportive approaches for women and couples coping with genital pain.

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Tried and True: Exploring the Best Vulvodynia Treatment Options

Photo by Dainis Graveris from UnsplashBy Brenna Bagnell This blog is a summary of our published article: Rosen, N. O., Dawson, S., Brooks, M., & Kellogg-Spadt, S. (2019). Treatment of vulvodynia: Pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches. Drugs, 79,...

It’s not us, it’s parenthood: Comparing sexual well-being in new parents with control couples

Photo by Simon Berger from UnsplashBy Grace Schwenck This blog is a summary of our published article: Schwenck, G. C., Dawson, S. J., Muise, A., & Rosen, N. O. (2020). A comparison of the sexual well-being of new parents with community couples. Journal of Sexual...

Feeling down, but not to get down: Is Postpartum Depression linked with New Parents’ Sexual Function and Distress?

By Priyam Joshi

This blog is a summary of our published article: Dawson, S. J., Leonhardt, N. D., Impett, E. A., & Rosen, N. O. (2021). Associations Between Postpartum Depressive Symptoms and Couples’ Sexual Function and Sexual Distress Trajectories Across the Transition to Parenthood. Annals of Behavioral Medicine.

“I think she can manage the pain?”: The role of partner perceptions in women’s postpartum pain during sex

By Meghan Rossi This blog is a summary of our published article: Rossi, M. A., Maxwell, J. A., & Rosen, N. O. (2020). Biased partner perceptions of women’s pain self-efficacy for postpartum pain during intercourse: A longitudinal dyadic examination. The Journal of...

Why do men report more sexual partners than women?

 By Justin Dubé   Given that sex tends to be a private activity, we often rely on the “honour system” when conducting sex research: we ask people to self-report aspects of their sexual lives and trust them to be honest. This is one reason why sex researchers...


Dr. Rosen along with our team of experts will be answering all your questions about sex, sexual health, relationships, and vaginal health on r/HealthyHooha!

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