We Have Ceased Recruitment for This Study!

We are still in the data collection phase of this project and are looking forward to sharing the results with you!

Who could participate?

To participate in this study, both partners needed to agree and be:

  • 18 years or older
  • Fluent in English or French
  • In a committed relationship for at least one year, with a minimum of four in-person contacts/week in the last month.
  • Reside in Canada or the United States

In addition, one partner must have been a woman OR assigned female at birth and:

  • Experience regular difficulties with sexual desire and/or sexual arousal, which will be assessed during the eligibility process.

*Other criteria also applied

What did participation involve?

  • We determined if the study is a good fit with an initial screening survey and the partner with low sexual desire/arousal took part in an eligibility screening process, which included two screening interviews.
  • If eligible, both members of the couple separately completed:
    • Three online surveys (approximately 50-70 minutes each) over 12 months
    • Brief online daily surveys for 56 days (approximately 8-15 minutes each day)
  • Participants were compensated for their time and energy

This study aimed to be inclusive to individuals of all gender identities, bodies, and orientations.

Why did we do this research?

Problems with low sexual desire and arousal are common, yet their impact on couples’ sexual, relationship, and overall well-being are poorly understood. The purpose of this research is to examine the impact of different psychological factors on the sexual, relational, and psychological well-being of couples coping with low sexual desire. Results of this study will be used to help develop treatment interventions for couples affected by low desire.

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